Why You Need To Get Your Eyes Tested For Common Eye Diseases

by | Jun 21, 2019 | Eye Diseases

Why You Need To Get Your Eyes Tested For Common Eye Diseases

Are eye exams important? Do I need to or should I get tested for common eye diseases? Here is everything you need to know about eye exams or tests and importance for testing for common eye diseases. 

Many people who don’t have eye issues usually believe that they don’t need eye check-ups. Not today, tomorrow, next month or even years down the line. This belief is more-so very common with those who don’t wear contacts or glasses. What many of these people don’t know however is that eye exams check has more to do than just testing whether you can read correctly.

A typical eye test or check-up performed by a professional eye doctor helps detect a variety of eye problems. Furthermore, it helps determine if you have common eye diseases. Therefore, it is important that you get an eye test regularly.

That said this post will get to look at reasons why you need an eye test for common eye diseases. In particular, this post will highlight the following key reasons;

  • Prevents Blindness
  • Better Health
  • Improve Your Eyesight

Prevents Blindness

Top on the list of reasons why you should get an eye test for common eye diseases is blindness. To be precise, an eye test for common eye diseases can help prevent blindness. Why is this? Well, a good number of eye diseases usually lead to blindness. One such example of such an eye disease is Cataract. If left untended to, this eye disease is known to cause blindness. In fact, it is the leading cause of blindness in just about every country.

Glaucoma is another example of eye diseases that do lead to blindness if undetected early and treated. With an eye test for common eye diseases, you’ll be able to detect any of these blindness-causing eye diseases early. What this does is give you an opportunity to either treat it or prevent its progression. Ultimately, this will result in you not being blind or losing your vision because of eye diseases.

Better Health

Another reason why you should get your eyes tested for common eye diseases is health and better health. By now, am sure you are all aware of the saying that goes “your eyes are windows to your soul”. Well, I see it our eyes being windows to more than just our soul. Your eyes can tell so much about you and one of the most important things is health. Yes, your eyes can tell you whether you are healthy or not or if you have a certain ailment.

In fact, it is proven that over 200 major systematic diseases have a relation with the eyes. In other words, you can be able to tell if you have a certain disease by simply knowing the eye condition you have. You can also do this by simply looking at how your eye appears. One such condition or disease you can tell by how your eyes look is diabetes. You can as well be able to tell if you have high blood pressure this way. That said, getting your eyes tested for common eye diseases can allow you to detect such conditions. In the event this happens, you can proceed to seek treatment thus better your overall health.

Improve Your Eyesight

Improving your eyesight is another reason why you need an eye test for common eye diseases. In the event that you start noticing issues with your vision, it is important that you set up an eye test. Why is this? Well, you might have an eye disease that’s causing you to have problems with your vision. One such eye disease is Retinal diseases. With this type of eye disease, the retina’s rod and cone cells tend to deteriorate. With time this leads to impaired vision. Retinal detachment is another eye condition that can lead to you having bad vision.

That said, a trip to your eye doctor for an eye check-up can help you detect these issues. In the event this happens, you can bet that your doctor will give you the appropriate treatment. This will ultimately go to improve your eyesight.

How Often Should I Get Eyes Tested For Common Eye Diseases?

With eye testing, there have been several discussions as to how often one should get their eyes checked. Till now, there is no definite answer to this pressing discussion. However, there are certain recommendations that’ll help you best know when and how often you should see an eye doctor.

These recommendations are made based on one’s health condition that eventually ends up affecting the eye, age or if you or your family member happen to have or had a known eye problem. For example, if you happen to be an adult, it is recommended that you go for an eye test every two years.

Some people tend to skip, avoid or postpone eye exams because they took a vision screening. While they are not bad, vision screenings are not eye tests. In addition, they are not as accurate. Even worse, it can’t tell you what eye disease you have if applicable.

With vision screening, people who get screened out tend to have either serious or common eye issues. As a result, it is not surprising to find people who took vision screening as opposed to eye tests, learning of eye diseases they have later on when it’s too late. Having said that, don’t let vision screening affect the number of times you get an eye test.

Don’t Wait – Schedule An Eye Test For Common Eye Diseases

There you have it, reasons why you need to get your eyes tested for common eye diseases. This also applies if you think you have perfect vision. An eye test is one of the best things you can ever do to protect your eyes. Furthermore, it’ll help you protect your overall health and wellness.

So don’t wait, contact Dion at Salisbury Optometrist and schedule an eye exam with them today. You can contact Salisbury Optometrist by calling (08) 8285 7100 or 0433 510695. You can email Dion at salisburyoptometrist@gmail.com.

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