People often confuse a comprehensive eye test and Vision Screening Test. But these are entirely different. The former comprises a routine eye test. People prefer an optometrist to perform the test. However, a learned nurse, a trained volunteer, or a DMV employee can successfully perform these tests. DMV eye test is regular at the time you apply for a motor vehicle license.

On the contrary, vision screening requires the involvement of a specialist eye doctor or an ophthalmologist. He tests your eyes to detect whether your cornea or other areas in the eye has developed a condition. With Vision Screening Test, the doctor requires the patient to read some letters placed on a board at some distance. The ophthalmology doctor refers to the test for patients with blurred vision. With the particular instrument, he can detect the presence of cataracts or glaucoma in the eyes.

In the following lines, I am narrating two instances where Vision Screening Test is significant. In cases like cataracts and glaucoma, the earlier you visit an ophthalmologist, the better is your projected success.

But the test has things to do to debar Myopia in children.


It means near-sightedness. It happens to children often at their infant stages. Early development of Myopia is a serious concern as it can lead to a severe threat in later lives. Children who experience near-sightedness in their earlier lives can become the victims of retinal detachment, cataracts, or glaucoma in the early stages of their adult lives.

Various schools arrange for regular eye tests on their premises for their students. Children who have Myopia or other eye issues get identification during these comprehensive regular testing seasons. The school calls their parents and informs them about the condition of their wards.

The management asks the parents to visit an eye specialist as soon as possible. The doctor conducts a Vision Screening Test of the child to confirm the physician’s doubt at the school. Once the test suggests Myopia, the doctor arranges for quick treatment. Early measures prohibit the possibility of disease growth at mature ages. There are instances where timed treatment could delimitate the disease from its core.


The disease has its core in high eye pressure and other conditions. You cannot feel these on your own. Only routine or comprehensive eye tests within intervals can help your doctor treat the symptoms of such a disease.

Eye specialists identify glaucoma as the slyest of eye diseases. It hardly leaves out a symptom before appearing. The victim can understand its presence at the last moment when he has almost no means to control the disease.

A detailed eye exam can doubt the disease and refer Vision Screening Test. The test could confirm the doubt and refer to the preventive measures.

 Final words

From the above discussion, we can say that Vision Screening Test has relevance to eye hygiene. But it does not conform to any regular eye examination. The doctor refers to the test upon noticing an abnormality of the sub-organs in the eyes.

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