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Find the Best Eye Specialists

For peace of mind and clear vision both today and into your bright future, Salisbury Optometrist values your eyesight, health, quality of life and well being.
Using the latest technology, invaluable experience and the highest quality eye care, optometrist Dion Stanbury has seen it all and knows how to care for your priceless eyes, health and vision.

From comprehensive eye examinations under the care of best eye specialists, the perfect glasses, the diagnosis and treatment of eye conditions and concerns and so much more, Salisbury Optometrist’s more than 30 years of experience right here in Adelaide means that no issue or concern is too big, small or difficult.

We all know the eye is one of the most integral and complex human sensory organs. The anatomy of the eye includes mechanical-functional and neural structures. The responsibility area of an ophthalmologist is consistently expensive. Our intent is to provide the Australians with the best care for their eyes. The best eye specialist discusses your fears and apprehensions and directs your decision making process to the right way. The professional eye experts at Salisbury leverage the latest technology to detect and treat a range of eye health conditions, including retinal and cataract issues. We join hands with the best optometrists and ophthalmologists and provide excellent expedient care for emergency conditions and efficient review of patients who need ongoing treatment.

Know about our best eye specialists

Our experts in advanced surgical treatments using the most upgraded technology. The best eye specialist’s areas of expertise include diseases and functions, appendix organs, and the optic nerve up to the visual cortex in the brain, the processing centre of vision. Based on the diagnosis, the specialist decides on the appropriate medical treatments and therapies. You can book the best eye specialists’ appointments with us.

The core task of the best eye specialist includes offering advice and preventive examinations, with treating visual disorders and eye diseases. Among all eye specialists, ophthalmology is one of the earliest medical disciplines. In addition to recognizing and treating diseases and functional disorders of the eyes, ophthalmology refers the patients to the ENT specialists, dermatologists, and neurologists.

So, are you looking for the best ophthalmologists in Australia? Look no further! Contact us to get the best eye specialist’s appointment in the country.

Latest Techniques

From single vision, multifocal and progressive lenses to contact lenses and children’s vision and beyond, Salisbury Optometrist is Medibank Private preferred and offers no-gap single vision glasses to all health funds.

Innovative Technology

Salisbury Optometrist boasts the latest and greatest in equipment and technology, including a retinal camera to detect diabetic retinopathy, macula eye disease and glaucoma.

Certified Experts

With expertise across the range of prescribing corrective vision and accreditation for the diagnosis of ocular eye diseases, Salisbury Optometrist also offers the services of a skilled optometrist specialising in eye anatomy and physiology.

Our Services

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Eye examinations

So important to our health and wellbeing, a thorough, comprehensive and regular eye check up is much more than just prescribing glasses or contacts. It's also about picking up problems at the earliest possible moment.

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Tailored solutions for you

Salisbury Optometrist takes the time required to understand you, your eyes, your health care and your lifestyle. Tailoring solutions just for you, we make optometry simple, relevant, easy and affordable.

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Experts you can trust

You're in safe hands with our skilled, certified, experienced, thorough and friendly staff. Our best eye specialists give you the most comprehensive eye health care with the very best technology, care, frames, products and services.

Your Optometrist Knows Best

Decades of experience

With over 30 years of experience as an optometrist, Dion Stanbury has seen it all. Salisbury Optometrist knows how to solve your problem, offer peace of mind, and provide the kind of quality optometric care and service to have you seeing clearly both today and tomorrow. You can trust the best eye specialists here with their expertise and experience, without a doubt.


Did you know diabetes can affect your vision? If your vision isn’t right or it’s changed, call Salisbury Optometrist.

Macular degeneration

Waste can build up in the retina causing macular degeneration, but it can also be caused by age, smoking and sun exposure. Early detection and treatment is a must.

Progressive lenses

If you need glasses that offer good close up, middle and far away vision, ask the best eye specialists at Salisbury Optometrist about progressive lenses.


Are your eyes red, swollen, watery of itchy and eye drops aren’t working? It could be allergy, and Salisbury Optometrist can help with expert service, treatment and advice.

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