Losing Vision Due to Cataracts? How Right Eye Care Helps

by | Jun 17, 2024 | Eye Exam Appointment

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Having a clear vision over the years can be a blessing, but eye diseases like Cataracts can be major barriers. However, the right eye care can help you manage them and regain your sight and hope. Protecting your eyesight and maintaining a steady vision should be top priorities. Particularly when we age, the propensity of having cataracts increases, and so do the chances of losing your vision. 

Salisbury Optometrist can help you provide an extended service for treating cataracts. We can provide the proper eye care facilities for examining and treating cataracts in their different stages. In this Cataract Awareness Month of June, let us help you understand easy treatment options to heal your optical obstacle. 

Continue reading this blog to understand common symptoms of cataracts and how quick treatment can restore your vision. 

Common Symptoms of Cataracts 

Cataracts are very common among the elderly. In 2023, about 44% of Australians over 50 faced blindness due to untreated cataract conditions. Senior citizens are susceptible to cataracts, which can blur their vision and impose blindness if left untreated. 

Common symptoms of cataracts involve: 

  • Colour Changes
  • Double-Vision
  • Frequent Changes in Your Vision Prescription 
  • Sensitivity To Bright Light 
  • Worsening of NearSightedness 
  • Decreasing Night Vision 

If you are looking for eye care near you, contact Salisbury Optometrist. Our eye examination can help you treat cataracts. 

4 Quick Eye Tests to Identify Your Cataract Condition 

Vision Acuity Test 

Vision Acuity Test is a common form of vision screening test used to detect cataract stages. This test checks how well you can see an object at a particular distance. The results of this test determine whether your existing glasses can still provide clear vision.

Salisbury Optometrist can provide you with Vision Acuity Tests to examine your cataracts in their initial phase. We will examine how much your vision has been affected or how serious your vision blur is. Based on the reports, we will prescribe you a suitable treatment for cataract extraction and clearer vision. 

Retinal Exam 

A Retinal Exam is another process for easily identifying cataracts. Your optometrist might give you an eye drop to dilate your pupil. This will help ophthalmologists to examine your retina and understand how fast your cataract has grown and which stage it is in. 

Book an eye exam appointment at Salisbury Optometrist for a quick retinal exam. Our retinal exams will diagnose any potential requirements for surgery. Similarly, retinal exams will also examine whether you can sustain the cataract for a more extended period without any surgical hassles. 

Glaucoma Test 

Sometimes, we often confuse ourselves with glaucoma and cataracts as both first induce blurred visions. Glaucoma occurs due to excessive fluid pressure in your eyes. When fluid pressure increases, there can be a gradual loss of vision. 

We can provide you with a quick glaucoma test as part of your cataract examination. These tests help you acquire the necessary medication or surgery to drain the excess fluid. 

Contrast Sensitivity Test 

The contrast sensitivity test is quite similar to the vision acuity test. The examination is conducted to identify how easily you can contrast one object or colour from another. If it is hard for you to identify an object in a highly contrasting background, then cataracts have a high potential. 

Are you actively looking for eye care near you? Connect with Salisbury Optometrist for extended eye treatment.

Our contrast sensitivity test will help us understand whether your cataract is ripening or needs immediate extraction. Similarly, we can prescribe which eyeglasses to wear during the initial stage of your cataract to prevent ripening quickly. 

How To Take Care of Your Eyes Amidst Cataracts? 

Although you can’t stop cataracts from forming, it can reduce the risks of eye damage from cataracts. 

  • Protect your eyes from excessive sun exposure. Sunglasses can be a safeguard. 
  • Concentrate on a healthy diet. 
  • Try to prevent a sedentary lifestyle to reduce any side effects.  

Wrapping Up 

Cataracts can impose severe threats on your vision. At times, quick eye care might prevent a need for complicated cataract surgery. Salisbury Optometrist can provide you with the top choice for cataract inspection and treatment. 

Our extended optical and ophthalmology examinations will help you prevent and treat cataracts in the initial as well as mature stages. Sometimes, prevention is the best option, and our experts will actively guide you with the best solutions. 

Don’t let cataracts stop you from LOOKING forward. 



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