4 Ways Eye Care Treats Glaucoma At An Early Stage

by | Jun 13, 2024 | eye care

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Glaucoma has become one of the common causes of visual impairment affecting individuals across the globe. Neglecting the early signs of glaucoma can lead to permanent eye damage. People with glaucoma can often lose their vision before even understanding the right cause.

At Salisbury Optometrist, our eyecare professionals can provide you with quick treatment for glaucoma. The right visual care and quick treatment can help restore your vision. Before opting to treat glaucoma, understand how it can occur, its associated symptoms, and potential remedies.

In this blog, we talk about seven ways to improve eye care and treat glaucoma at an early stage.

Open Angle Glaucoma: A Common Visual Impairment Cause

Open-angle glaucoma is a common type of glaucoma occurring among individuals. It occurs when the natural fluid-draining process of your eye reduces and clothes your eye membrane. When the eye pressure builds, it starts to damage your optic nerves. However, you might not experience any pain or changes in your vision at first.

How Can Open Angle Glaucoma Effect? 

  • Over time, glaucoma damages your optic nerve by creating excessive pressure on your eye fluid.
  • As your optic nerve starts to break down, you might get blind spots in your eyes.
  • However, when the pressure exceeds a limit, you may feel extreme pain.
  • Headaches that cause pain on your eyelids are commonly found.
  • Sometimes, you might feel slightly dizzy and nauseous.

Our Eye Care Specialists conduct quick vision screening and retina scanning tests to detect glaucoma easily. Here’s how we can provide you with the 4 best eye care facilities to treat glaucoma.

4 Eye Examinations To Treat Glaucoma At an Early Stage


Dilated Eye Exam

This eye test uses eye drops to dilate your pupil. Your ophthalmologist will then shine a bright light back into your eye that magnifies your retina and optic nerve, helping your ophthalmologist see them clearly.

Salisbury Optometrist will provide you with the best-dilated eye exams. All the changes in the colour, size, shape and blood vessels of your eye will be thoroughly examined. Our ophthalmologists will decide on the treatment for the current status of your glaucoma.

Eye Pressure Check

Glaucoma increases the internal fluid pressure in your eyes. Our ophthalmologists will use eye drops to numb your eye and then insert a tiny instrument to touch your eye surface. After flattening your cornea, the pressure on your eye will be measured.

At Salisbury Optometrist, we ensure that the eye pressure test is conducted at your convenience. You can immediately convey any pain, irritation, or discomfort that you might experience during this test. We will provide you with a safe and effective eye pressure examination.

Optic Nerve Imaging

This test takes pictures of your retina and optic nerve. Ophthalmologists dilate your pupils to gather a better and clearer image. Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is one of the major processes used in optic nerve imaging.

We provide you with the best OCT examinations. In this process, you need to rest your chin on a machine and look into a lens. Do not worry; nothing will touch your eye, but the machine will take quick images in a few minutes.

Our eye care specialists will analyse each layer of eye tissue and map the area of eye pressure. According to the images, your optical treatment will progress gradually. 

Visual Field Test

Visual Field Test helps to determine whether you have lost your sight in specific areas. Multiple visual field tests can be used over time to identify how glaucoma is affecting your optic nerve.

Our ophthalmologists will conduct vision field tests to detect whether your vision is blocked or not. They may ask you to manually cover one eye at a time to see how properly you can look through your naked eye.

Similarly, you may ask to examine different line patterns and distinguish one line from another. During this process, if you feel excessive pain or pressure, it is a major sign of initial glaucoma.

Key Takeaways

Our one true purpose is to help you treat and prevent glaucoma. With our informed and personalised eye care, we will ensure that your eyesight remains safe. At Salisbury Optometrist, we provide you with extended services to treat glaucoma before it can harm your health and well-being. 


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