Having Frequent Headaches? Here’s Why You Should Have an Eye Test

by | Jun 6, 2024 | eye care

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If you have frequent headaches, an eye test can be your solution. Excessive screen time can impose pressure on your vision. However, every headache might not be due to a vision issue, or a vision issue might not lead to a headache. But having an Eye Test can always help you be sure and seek the right treatment for better results.

At Salisbury Optometrist, we can help you with diverse eye examinations. Headaches in between work can reduce your performance and similarly deteriorate your health. As an eye care service provider, we can help you with affordable and personalised facilities. In this blog, we will help provide an idea about the necessity of an eye test to treat stains causing headaches.

What is the connection between headaches and eye strains?

Sometimes, when you look at objects from a close range, eye strain can occur. To keep up with the longer screen time, the muscles around your eye need to work hard to increase focus. If excessive pressure is imposed, your optical muscles might get tired. As a result, eye strain can occur and lead to frequent headaches.

Nowadays, having longer screen times is standard for regular, academic and professional purposes. High screen time can either cause a squint in your eye muscles for a better view. Digital screen users often experience headaches after a prolonged work period without suspecting eye strains. Visiting our eye care clinic can help you with a thorough checkup. Here’s how our optometrist can help in reducing your eye strains.

How can eye tests help cure my headache?

Identify cornea-related concerns

The cornea is the clear surface in front of your eye, having a rich and sensitive nerve supply. In case your cornea is scratched or is injured, it can create pressure on optic nerves. This might cause you severe pain near your eyes, along with headaches. 

We can provide you with eye tests to identify cornea-related concerns. Our optometrists can help you diagnose the status of your cornea. Based on the diagnostic results, necessary treatment or medications will be proposed. Medications like eye lubricants in the form of eye droplets can help you revive eye moisturising.

Cure eye inflammation

Visiting for an eye health exam can cure eye inflammation. Sometimes, extreme exposure to bright light can cause redness due to swelling in your eyes. A quick eye checkup can help you understand the cause of any inflammation. This inflammation can put pressure on your eye muscles, which can cause headaches.

Sailsbury Optometrist can help you by directly connecting with your optometrist. It is advisable to inform your optometrist regarding any previous cases of eye allergy. Getting personalised care can help you treat your eye inflammation and also reduce headaches caused by strains.

Observe Optic Nerve Conditions

Sometimes, headaches can also occur due to complexities in optical nerves. Excessive mental pressure or physical strain can cause conditions like hypertension. Individuals suffering from hypertension might impose pressure on their optical nerves, which can cause muscular contractions in the optic nerve, causing pain.

At our eye care clinic, we can provide you with the best optometric services. Checking your optic nerve conditions will help us propose necessary medications. Preventing optic nerve swelling can improve the flexibility of your vision and similarly reduce headaches.

What can be a quick treatment for eye strain causing headaches?

The following quick hacks can quickly reduce headaches caused by eye strains.

  • Wearing prescribed glasses after an eye checkup will help you in obtaining the right vision.
  • Eye checkups will help you choose the right lenses, such as bifocal, multifocal, and progressive lenses.
  • Consistently applying eye medications prescribed by our optometrists can help in eye moisturising.
  • Try to avoid excessive screen times apart from necessary operations.
  • Perform a re-checkup and consult an optometrist for any further treatments.

In Conclusion

Eye tests will be necessary for improving your vision over a more extended period. Sailsbury Optometrist can help you with affordable eye care tests. Personalised eye care can help you to treat complex eye conditions at the initial stages. It is always advisable to directly convey your difficulties to our optometrists. We aspire to provide you with the best eyecare solutions and help you lead a pain-free life.





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