Know How Quick Treatment Cures Eye Problems From Dementia

by | Jun 20, 2024 | eye specialist

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Dementia is a common psychoactive disease that affects memory, thinking, and social abilities. Apart from cognitive changes, Dementia also affects eyesight. 

At times, Dementia damages parts of your brain that process visual information. If you are having difficulty seeing while similarly experiencing memory loss, Dementia can be a significant cause. 

Salisbury Optometrist can be your best choice to treat eye problems caused by Dementia. Let us guide you on how ophthalmology eye exams can restore vision affected by Dementia. 

How Does Dementia Change Visual Perception? 

Dementia has its variations that can damage visual perceptions in multiple ways. Common visual perception difficulties are: 

  • Less sensitivity to variations contrasting objects and background
  • Problems in directing and shifting gaze 
  • Reduced ability to see different colours 
  • Problems with recognising faces 
  • Reduced sensitivity to depth perception 

Memory loss is an expected impact of Dementia. Additionally, fading visions or frequent image distortion may reduce your physical mobility. Here’s how ophthalmologists in Salisbury Optometrist can restore your fading visions in the following ways.  

4 Eye Care Methods For Restoring Vision Amidst Dementia  


Visual Acuity Test 

Visual Acuity Test ensures how well you can check the details of a letter or an object from a distance. This test will provide the existing strength of your eyes and how far you or how much you can observe. 

You will get the best eye specialists at Salisbury Optometrist to conduct your visual acuity tests. This test helps you understand whether you have an infection or an injury. 

Sometimes, Dementia can distort the memory of the eye injury itself. As a result, you might become unaware of how you are having sudden vision problems. Our ophthalmologists will perform a quick visual acuity test to note any eye infection or injury. 

You can connect with Salisbury Optometrist for a quick visual acuity test to understand the immediate causes of any vision distortion.   

Lens Prescriptions

Dementia-impacted patients are often prone to slip and fall. In such cases, there can be high risks of eye injuries caused by broken glasses. A quick eye exam can help dementia patients with suitable lens prescriptions. 

Polycarbonate and high-impactful lenses are scratch and fall-resistant. These lenses will effectively protect the eyes of dementia patients from a longer and closer distance. 

At Salisbury Optometrist, we provide you with the best ophthalmology eye exam for a suitable lens prescription. We can also prescribe anti-reflective lenses to treat anti-glare. Our anti-glare lenses will help dementia patients improve visual recognition and contrast discrimination, as well as depth and motion perception.  

Low Vision Aids and Devices 

Low vision aids and devices can treat visual distortion caused by Dementia. Sometimes, noninvasive treatments are best for reducing the hassle of surgeries and medication. Low vision aids and devices will be the best noninvasive treatment facilities.

Our ophthalmologists will guide you in using low-vision devices like head-mounted and hand-mounted magnifiers. What are their benefits? 

Head-mounted magnifiers will help you with short-distance visions. With these, you can swiftly continue sewing, reading, writing, and doing any other near-vision work. 

Hand-mounted magnifiers can help you adjust your vision at different distances. Their flexibility can also restore your vision mobility. 

Retinal Examinations 

Retinal examinations evaluate the internal conditions of your eye, including your optic nerve, blood vessels and cornea. Salisbury Optometrist can be the right choice for retinal examination. 

Our best eye specialists will inspect retinal conditions in dementia patients. Dementia degenerates brain cells, which can also reduce the operational power of optic nerves. A quick retinal examination can help our specialists understand the existing condition and functioning ability of your optical parts. 

Our ophthalmologists will guide you with the suitable lenses or surgeries that you will immediately require. Dementia patients often encounter speech problems. Experts at Salisbury Optometrist will have one-to-one communication with patients. We will focus on your easy understanding of treatment procedures and offer personalised care. 

Wrapping Up 

Memory distortion caused by Dementia often imposes a long-lasting impact. However, don’t let it degrade your eyesight. Salisbury Optometrist can help you find the best eye care facility. 

Our experts will ensure that you receive the best-personalised eye care. If you are not feeling comfortable with expensive eye surgeries, our noninvasive care is right here.

Salisbury Optometrist can provide you with extended eye care facilities to maintain your steady vision and restore long-term visionary mobility. 



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