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by | Mar 30, 2020 | eye test, kids eye care, Optometrist Adelaide

People often ask : is there is a mobile optometrist near me ? For themselves or a relative. Country locations often do not have an optometrist and so there will sometimes be a visiting optometrist. People need glasses. People need eye tests to obtain new glasses or to look at the health of their eyes.

In the old days it was quite common for an optometrist to have a practice and a visiting routine and yet it is not as common today.

A mobile optometrist needs portable equipment : the more the better. It is possible for an optometrist to perform most of the tests you might expect if you went to a practice near you in Adelaide.

To prescribe glasses an optometrist needs a trial frame and trial lenses Called a trial lens case, these contain enough lenses to make up a prescription for everybody.

The optometrist needs a letter chart to record unaided vision and visual acuity, which is the best vision with glasses. These letter charts are set for three or six metres distance.

The optometrist will measure the pressure in your eyes with a tonometer. These are hand held and flick a tiny probe onto the cornea then measure and convert the rebound to a pressure reading.

A portable slit lamp provides a magnified image of the eye structures and is used to inspect for signs of cataracts.

The optometrist uses an indirect ophthalmoscope and a portable retinal camera to inspect the back of the eye to look for healthy discs and macula and to observe for floaters.

The blue and yellow lines are designed to measure the phoria or pointing of the eyes relative to each other.

At the front of the photo is a retinoscope. This projects a parallel beam of light into the eyes and by watching its movement, the optometrist uses to get an idea of your prescription before asking you any questions

The lenses of your glasses are measured with a vertometer.

Frames are heated up to be adjusted by a frame heater. The mobile optometrist will bring frames to choose a new pair. if you have an old pair that is still in good condition, that you want to use, that works out well too.

So that is what a mobile optometry visit may include

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