Sunglasses Adelaide – What You Need To Know Before Buying a Pair

by | Jan 21, 2019 | Glasses SA

Sunglasses Adelaide

Thinking of purchasing your fist pair of glasses to protect your eyes from the sun? Well, before visiting any sunglasses Adelaide shop, you need to familiarize yourself with a few important things. For instance, the type of features different sunglasses have. Furthermore, you need to learn and know how to take care of them. That said this post will look at what you need to know before buying sunglasses. In particular, it’ll cover information on and the importance of;

  • UV Protection
  • The Size of Your Sunglass
  • Polarized Lenses & How They Help
  • Price of Sunglasses
  • Importance of Having A Case
  • Does Size Really Matter?

Do They Offer UV Protection?

The single most important thing to know about a sunglass is UV protection. In particular, you want to know whether it offers ultraviolet (UV) protection or not. Unfortunately, many people don’t pay attention to this key detail when making a purchase. The good thing about this is that knowing if one offers UV protection is very simple and easy. In most cases, you’ll be able to tell by searching for a tag or sticker. If a sunglass offers UV protection it will have a sticker or a tag that symbolises this. Key is to go for one that offers 100% UV rays protection.

What Size Is Your Sunglasses?

Size is another key factor to consider before making a purchase. In particular, you want to focus on the frame size. With frame size, there are a few things you should consider. For instance, you want to make sure that your eyes are centred properly. By doing so, you’ll be creating the best aesthetic look and vision. The bridge of the nose piece also factors in when it comes to size. You want to ensure that it is not too big or too small. If it is too small, it might pinch or create sore spots on your face just around the nose area. If it’s big it can lead to several irritations. Other details to factor in with size include the thickness of the lens and the earpieces.

Do Polarized Lenses Offer UV Protection?

If there is one common misconception many have with sunglasses Adelaide is that polarized lenses offer UV protection. So do they? Well, a simple answer to this is no, they don’t. This type of lenses only reduces glare from water, snow, car windows or pavement surfaces. In essence, they help protect your eyes from sun damage and sun damage alone. They don’t offer any UV protection. It’s worth noting however that they offer more eye protection if you compare it with standard UVA lenses. Polarized lenses are perfect for doing things like driving or surfing. It doesn’t offer any UV rays protection. Don’t go buying polarized lenses thinking you’ll be protecting your eyes from the suns UV rays.

Sunglasses Adelaide Price

Price is another key thing to factor in when buying sunglasses in Adelaide. It is important that you have some basic knowledge about price before shopping for one. This will help give you an idea of the type of glasses you can get for your money. That being said, one of the key factors that affect the price is the brand itself. Additional factors that contribute to the price of glass include make and whether it’s a prescription or not. Prescription glasses usually cost between $200 and $300. Non-prescription glasses, on the other hand, can start from as low as $50 to highs of $200. Some companies have sunglasses Adelaide programs that’ll see you receive great discounts on glasses you purchase.

Do You Need A Case?  

Many people who buy sunglasses often overlook the importance of having a case. As a result, they normally end up with glasses with several scratches at different places. Even worse, they might end breaking their glasses altogether. From this, the importance of having a case comes out very clearly. A casing is important because it prevents your sunglass from scratches and even breakages.

Bigger Is Always Better

Another thing to factor in when making one of these purchases is size. If you are really keen on protecting your eyes you don’t want to go for small sunglasses. Bigger sunglasses tend to offer more coverage. What this does is expose your eyes to less sun damage. This in mind, you should always go for wraparound-style or oversized sunglasses. Furthermore, if the lenses offer UV protection, they’ll help cut down the amount of UV entering your eye drastically.

In Conclusion

There you have it, what you need to know before looking into sunglasses Adelaide. Arm yourself with this information while shopping for your next sunglasses and you are sure to get it right.

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