Eye Doctors – What You Need To Know

by | Jan 7, 2020 | Adelaide Eye Care

Eye Doctors – What You Need To Know Before Choosing

There are different types of eye doctors offering different eye health services. This post highlights two go-to eye doctors and the work they actually do to help you better choose the right eye-care provider. 

One of the things you’ll be faced with as you grow old is settling on an eye doctor. While this might sound like an easy to do task, it is actually not. This is especially so if you are choosing an eye care provider for the first time. Even worse, is having to settle on an eye care provider without knowledge of who does what and where especially given the numerous number of eye doctors in the market today.

To help you in your quest of finding the ideal eye care provider, this post highlights what you need to know about eye doctor. In particular, it highlights two types of eye doctors and also looks at the work that they actually do. The two types of eye doctors this post will highlight are;

  • Ophthalmologist
  • Optometrist


Starting us off is an Ophthalmologist. Who is an Ophthalmologist you ask? Well, this is an eye doctor whose main work or eye care service centres on the eye and vision care. As such, an Ophthalmologist is qualified to carry out a number of eye-related services. These eye services Ophthalmologists offer include but not limited to eye exams, eye surgery, prescribe medication and diagnose and treat eye diseases. Furthermore, they are the person you want to see when you think of wearing prescription contact lenses or eyeglasses as they’ll help you get it right.

With an Ophthalmologist, you get an eye care provider with experience when it comes to matters offering eye care services. This is so thanks to the education system surrounding Ophthalmologists. An Ophthalmologist usually completes 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, one year of internship and a minimum of three years. By the time he/she is done, she/he will have lots of experience that will definitely have prepared him/her accurately.


This is an eye doctor who examines one’s eye for issues with vision and health problem. Furthermore, he or she is tasked with correcting errors by prescribing either contact lenses or eyeglasses. Depending on the Optometrist you go for, yours will be in a position to also offer vision therapy and low vision care.

For an Optometrist, it is best to keep in mind that the services they offer are mainly determined by state laws. Make sure you get to see the services they are allowed to offer in your state to avoid any issues.

With Optometrists, you get eye doctors who’ve completed 4 years in college degree programs, and 4 years of post-graduate training.

What About Opticians?

This is a very good question. Many people usually mistake an optician as an eye doctor and it is actually wrong. Opticians are not eye doctors. They offer much-needed help when need be. It is good to note however that opticians play a very important role in your eye’s health. They normally work closely with an ophthalmologist to prescribe the right eyewear for your eyes.

Which Eye Doctor Should I See?

Now that you have some little knowledge about different types of eye doctors, how can you tell who is best for you? Well, it all comes down to the type of eye care service you want. For instance, if you are after a routine eye exam, then both ophthalmologist and optometrist can do it for you. In fact, any small non-medical and medical treatment can be handled by both these two eye doctors.

If you have complicated eye problems like cataracts or even glaucoma, it is best to let a professional look into it. As such, the need for hiring or seeking services of an ophthalmologist. Common eye problems optometrists help solve include eye infections, and dry eyes.

There you have it, a brief on the different types of eye doctors and what they actually do. If you are in need of eye doctors, do contact Salisbury Optometrist by dialling 08 8285 7100. One of our representatives will advise you accordingly on who’s the best eye doctor for you.


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