Eye Health – Men Neglecting Eye Health

by | Nov 6, 2019 | Optometrist Adelaide

Men Neglecting Eye Health

Men are increasingly neglecting their eye safety. Read on to learn more on this and how or what you can do to ensure that you constantly improve your eye health. 

For many men, matters eye health is not really a top priority. This in mind, it comes as no surprise that men all over the country are increasingly neglecting eye health. So how bad is it? Well, it’s very bad to simply put it. According to a 2016 report by Medicare, men aged between 45 years and 74 years old used the least level of eye optometric services.

In the report, men used around 1.84 million optometric services while women around 240 million. Fun fact, the men who actually visit an optometrist do so due to their spouse. Women in families are the ones who set up such appointments. It’s not just eye health; eye safety is also a concern with many men. In 2016, there were 11,078 cases registered of foreign objects embedded in the eye. Why I am bringing this up? Well, men accounted for 83% of these cases.

Although there’s no clear reasoning why men neglect eye safety and health, it is evident that many men don’t necessarily know their benefits. This post seeks to address this by shedding some light on the matter.

Below is a small brief on why men should care for their eye health and safety. Upon reading this, we hope more men will be encouraged to better care for their eyes.

Why Men Should Care About Eye Safety

Our eyes are very crucial in our day-to-day lives. We use them for just about everything. What many conveniently choose to ignore is that our eyes get to work immediately we wake up. The only time we end up not using our eyes is when we are sleeping. It is with this that it’s very important we care for our eyes. Having said that, understanding the importance of eye safety and eye health comes down to one thing. What is it you ask? Well, knowing the consequences of not caring for our eyes. In other words, understanding what will happen when we don’t pay attention to eye safety or eye health.

So what happens when we neglect eye safety and eye health? Well, numerous eye problems. When we fail to properly care for our eyes we increase the chances of our eyes developing problems. One such eye problem that results from eye safety and eye health neglect is vision loss. With vision loss, it is important to point out that it can be corrected. This is normally done using either contacts or lenses. If left unchecked, however, vision loss can quickly progress and become significant. When significant, vision can lead to several complications like complete blindness.

There are also other negatives associated with neglecting eye health. One such negative is depression. A report by Vision 2030 Australia back in 2009 revealed that those with vision loss are three times likely to develop depression. Furthermore, vision loss, if not properly managed can affect one’s social connectedness as well as their sense of independence. Last but not least, vision loss is also known to prevent healthy and independent ageing.

How Caring About Eye Safety Helps

With knowledge of negatives associated with neglecting eye health and safety, key now is what can you do about it. The good news is that eye health and safety are both simple. There is nothing complicated in making sure you properly care for your eye. Top on the list of things you can do to improve proper eye health is visiting an optometrist. One such qualified optometrist in Australia is Salisbury Optometrist Regular eye examinations are ideal when it comes to eye health and eye safety. You can even make an appointment with an optometrist if you already have some sought of vision loss. You’ll be happy to note that 75% of vision loss is not only preventable but treatable.     

Get in touch with Salisbury Optometrist to learn how you can better care for your eyes. You can do this by dialling 08 8285 7100 or emailing salisburyoptometrist@gmail.com.


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