Salisbury Optometrist Recommends Office Workers To Blink More Often

by | May 22, 2019 | Eyesight, Optometrist Adelaide

Salisbury Optometrist Recommends Office Workers To Blink More Often

Is it just me or did you just blink your eyes? Well, if you didn’t you probably should have. Read on to know why Salisbury Optometrist recommends office workers to blink more often. 

When it comes to the well-being of your eyes as well as its overall health, blinking is very important. Unfortunately, a good number of us don’t blink as much as we are required to. This is especially true with office workers. Why office workers? Well, a typical office worker spends most of his/her time staring at a computer. If that isn’t bad enough, some combine this with long periods of staring or reading office files. What all these leads to is, them being tired and this is a big problem for their eyes. When tired, the eye blinks less often. This ultimately results in eyes being dry and sore. Furthermore, it can result in blurry vision or irritated eyes. This is why Salisbury Optometrist recommends that office workers should blink more often.

So what exactly does blinking does to your eyes? In other words, why is Salisbury Optometrist asking office workers or anyone for that matter blink more often? Well, this is what we will highlight in this post. We’ll also bring to your attention the benefits of blinking your eyes more often.

Why Optometrists Recommend Blinking More Often

Blinking as we’ve already mentioned is very essential for office workers and anyone in general frankly. So why is this? Why do optometrists recommend that office workers blink often? Well, it is very simple, it’s beneficial. For starters, every time a worker or you blink, your eye becomes covered with a tear film. This tear film contains three key layers, they are;

  • A Layer of Tears
  • A Layer of Water
  • Outer Layer

The first layer, the layer of tears, lies against the whites of the eyes. This layer is filled with moisture and protein and enables the second layer to stick to it. The second layer, the layer of water, washes of dirt and debris from the eye. In addition, it boasts protein, minerals and moisture. This three help nourish the eye’s cornea. The third and final layer, the outer layer, is an oily substance. Its main purpose is to stop the two other layers from evaporating too fast. Furthermore, it provides much-needed lubrication to the eyes. This lubrication helps stop your eye’s eyelids from chafing on your eyes.

With this knowledge, you can now see that if you do not blink your eyes as often as required you’ll be depriving them of crucial nutrients. Ultimately, you’ll end up straining your eyes something that is very uncomfortable to deal with. This is especially true with long hours of staring at computers. In addition to depriving your eyes of crucial nutrients, failing to blink often can damage your eyes. In some cases, these damages have ended up being permanent.

Benefits of Blinking Your Eyes Often

Now that you have a slight idea of what blinking does to the eye, it’s time to focus on its benefits. That said there are numerous benefits associated with the blinking of the eyes. Below we get to look at major benefits associated with blinking. Think of these benefits as the reasons why your optometrist recommends blinking more often especially for office workers.

Protects The Eyes – Top on the list of benefits of blinking more often is eye protection. When you blink, you instantly initiate the process of protecting your eyes. For those still asking how? Well, it helps keep out foreign objects. 

Blinking forms the last line of defence when tackling foreign objects. In the event foreign objects pass through eyelashes, eyebrows and eyelids to the eyes, tears will form. These tears help flush out from objects that made through pass eyelashes, eyebrows and eyelids

Moisturizes The Eye – Another plus with blinking is that it moisturises the eyes. How does this work? Well, every time you blink your eye receives clean fresh moisture. This moisture stops eyes from feeling gritty or dry. Even better is the fact that eyes that moisturise are less strained and irritated.

Helps Remove Bacteria – Bacteria can be damaging to any eye if left unattended to. They are known in some instances to cause serious eye damage that is not reversible. Blinking flushes out bacteria as well as any other dust particles in the eye with an old tear. This ultimately makes blinking a nice way of preventing eye infection.

Leaves The Eye’s Optical Surface Smooth – When you blink you clean the surface of your eyes. Having a clean eye surface allows you to have better and sharper eye vision.

How To Blink Properly

With this information, it’s only natural for you to want to blink more while you are at the office. While it might seem simple, you’ll be surprised how complicated it is. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t overdo it.

In other words, you shouldn’t involve yourself with excessive blinking. It is important that you make each blink count. To help you with this, keep this few points in mind;

  • Blink your eyes regularly. This you can keep track off by keeping a note on your computer writing down when you blink. Doing this helps in dealing with digital eye strain. This is a condition or situation that’s quickly becoming common.
  • Try closing your eyes at certain times for a short period of time. This is more effective if you stare at the computer all day at the office. The purpose of this is basically to give your eyes some rest.
  • Get to know what a complete eye blink is. Once you know this, practice it from time to time. With time you’ll be able to blink correctly and most importantly correctly.

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