Should I Get Multifocal Lenses For My Bad Eyesight?

by | Apr 8, 2019 | Multifocal Lenses

Should I Get Multifocal Lenses For My Bad Eyesight?

As people reach the age of 40, they start noticing problems with their eyesight. Most of the time, older adults find difficulty in seeing things nearer or at a distance. Monofocal lenses allow a single point of focus. You can see clearly either near or at a distance. Even after getting a monofocal lens implant, you may require to wear eyeglasses.

This is where multifocal lenses play an important role.

What Are Multifocal Lenses?

Multifocal lenses consist of more than one prescription correction per lens. These lenses help you see objects clearly regardless of their distance. There are different types of lenses. These are bifocals, varifocals, and trifocals.

Bifocals contain two lens powers. The upper part is for distance vision and the lower part for near vision.

Trifocals consist of three lenses. They provide segments for near, distance and intermediate vision. Intermediate distance refers to the distance about an arm’s length.

Varifocals provide smooth transitions in the lens from a distance to near vision. These are also known as progressive multifocal lenses. These lenses have no line segments to differentiate the field of vision.

Benefits Of Multifocal Lenses

Multifocal lenses award you with multiple points of focus. They improve your visibility at all distances. People don’t need corrective lenses with multifocal lenses during cataract surgery. These lenses allow them to see clearly without eyeglasses.

Other benefits of multifocal lenses are:

  • Multifocal lenses improve intermediate vision. It lets you clearly look at things besides sideways or a point.
  • Majority of multifocal lens implants reduce dependency on eyeglasses. You don’t have to wear glasses, at least, all the time.
  • They make reading and working on computers easy by improving peripheral vision.

However, some people report difficulty seeing up close. Some also have a blurry vision while reading. Many people also report issues with contrast with multifocal lenses. These issues can be corrected with appropriate eyeglasses. Weigh these issues against the advantages of multifocal lenses before going for cataract surgery.

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