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by | Dec 17, 2018 | Glasses SA

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Are you having difficulties reading street signs while driving? Do you find yourself asking other people to tell you what’s written on a TV screen close to you? Do you squint to try and see well? If your answer is yes to any of these questions chances are high you might need glasses. As a rule of thumb, it’s always nice to set up an appointment with an eye care doctor in Adelaide. Why? Well, they’re in a position to offer comprehensive eye examinations. From this, they’ll be able to give insight on your eyes health and advice on what to do next. Furthermore, a good number of them have glasses Salisbury programs designed to make owning specs easy 

Despite this, however, we want to make the process of knowing whether you need specs easy for you. This we plan to do by sharing with you some of the common tale-tale signs that show you may need glasses. In particular, we’ll be looking at the following signs;

  • Eye Strains after Extended Periods
  • Farsightedness
  • Frequent Headaches
  • Nearsightedness
  • Family Members

Eye Strains after Extended Periods

Having frequent eye-strains after extended periods of time is another sign you might be in need of glasses. These eyestrains usually result in us squinting or blinking. If you do this often while looking at something for a prolonged period of time, it might be a sign that you need glasses. We suggest scheduling that all important eye examinations with your eye doctor in Adelaide. They’ll be able to prescribe not only glasses and contact lenses but also give advice on how to ease eye stress. If you get an eye doctor with a dedicated glasses Salisbury program, you’re sure to get quality glasses. Even better, you’ll get them at a reasonable price.   

Poor or Blurred Close Vision (Farsightedness)

If you used to do activities like writing, drawing or even working on your computer easily without any problems and suddenly find it hard to do so (in particular focus or read), there is a high chance you might need eyeglasses. Those with these types of difficulties in most cases tend to have presbyopia. What is this? Presbyopia is a type of farsightedness that comes as a result of elasticity in one’s eye muscles. Typically, we are more likely to develop this condition as we get older. In most cases, it develops between the ages of 40 and 65.

Frequent Headaches

Yes, frequent headaches can indeed signal that you need glasses. It’s good to note however that we aren’t talking about normal headaches. Here, our main attention is on headaches that are as a result of overexertion of the eyes. This normally comes about from one focusing on a particular object for long periods of time. It can also be brought about as a result of staring at your computer for long hours. If you are experiencing repeated headaches and at the same time squinting a lot, it might be time for glasses.

Poor Distance Vision (Nearsightedness)

One way of telling if you need glasses or not is determining whether you have difficulty focusing. In particular, pay attention to how easy or hard it is to focus on objects that are far from you. If you are having difficulties focusing on objects that are far, you might have poor distance vision. This condition is known as nearsightedness or myopia. It is known to develop either gradually or rapidly depending on your age. If you happen to have or suffer from such conditions, this is a sign that you might need specs. An eyeglass from an eye doctor offering glasses Salisbury program is sure to help with your eyesight issues.  

Do Your Parents Use Glasses?

If your parents wear glasses, there is a high chance you might as well need glasses. Why? Well, poor eyesight is hereditary. If your parent is nearsighted, for example, there is a high chance you’ll be nearsighted as well.

All in all, there is only one sure way of telling if your eyes health is good. Make sure you go for eye examination at an eye doctor in Adelaide as often as possible or as advised. If you have eye problems, you can compensate for them with your eyes, contact lenses, eyeglasses or refractive surgery.

Here at Salisbury Optometrist, we have state of the art equipment that allows us to detect eye problems. You can set up an eye examination appointment by visiting Salisbury Optometrist Team Booker page and follow the on-screen instructions.

Want to contact our team? You can do so by dialling this Salisbury Optometrist number 08 8285 7100 or 0433 510 695. To contact us via email, use this official Salisbury Optometrist email address


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